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If you’re a fan of fantastical creatures, dragons in particular, and animated movies that trigger all kinds of emotions—How to Train Your Dragon 4 is a must-watch. But then again, let’s be honest, there are a few reasons why we might not need to see a fourth installment of this epic animation.

Reasons to Need a How to Train Your Dragon 4

How to Train Your Dragon 4 Poster

1. A Storyline That Just Keeps Getting Better

With its stunning animation and storylines that just get better with each installment, How to Train Your Dragon is one movie franchise that we never want to see end. The sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, successfully continued the story and developed the characters in ways we never thought possible.

2. Our Love for Toothless

The Night Fury dragon, Toothless, has won the hearts of fans all over the world, and we can’t help but root for him wherever he goes. From his cute black eyes to his flying skills, Toothless has become a fan-favorite and is one of the reasons why we need a How to Train Your Dragon 4.

3. The Dragon Universe Is Ever-Expanding

With every new installment, the Dragon universe expands as new characters and dragons are introduced. This opens up more possibilities for future storylines and adventures, making it a definite need to keep the franchise going.

4. The Amazing Soundtrack

With music composed by John Powell, the How to Train Your Dragon soundtracks are nothing short of amazing. The soundtrack complements the stunning visuals and emotional storytelling, making it an experience that no one would forget.

5. A Symbol of Hope and Perseverance

One of the beautiful aspects of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise is its message of hope and perseverance. No matter how hard things get for our beloved characters, they never give up and continue to push through until the end. It’s an inspiring message that we all need to hear.

Reasons to Skip How to Train Your Dragon 4

How to Train Your Dragon 4 Poster

1. Too Many Movies in One Franchise

How to Train Your Dragon 3, which came out in 2019, ended perfectly, with a happy ending that left no room for another installment. A fourth movie might be overkill, and it could end up feeling like an unnecessary addition to an already satisfying franchise.

2. The Possibility of Disappointment

There’s always a risk that a fourth movie might not live up to the success of the previous installments. It’s a gamble that the filmmakers might not want to take, and it’s something fans need to consider.

3. It Might Be Time to Move On

It’s always tough to say goodbye to a beloved franchise, but it might be time to move on from How to Train Your Dragon. After three successful movies, it’s important to remember that all good things must come to an end.

4. Other Franchises That Deserve Attention

There are plenty of other movie franchises out there that are waiting for their moment in the spotlight. By continuing to produce more How to Train Your Dragon movies, other amazing stories might be overshadowed or overlooked. It’s important to give other films a chance to shine.

5. Respect Your Memory of the Trilogy

Let’s face it, the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy was pretty perfect. The three movies told a complete and heartfelt story that left fans satisfied. Adding another movie could taint the memory of the franchise and turn it into something less enjoyable.

In conclusion, while there are both reasons to need and reasons to skip another How to Train Your Dragon installment, one thing is for sure—the three movies that have been released so far are nothing short of amazing. Regardless of whether or not we get a fourth movie, the franchise will always hold a special place in our hearts as fans.