How To Save Video From Instagram Feed

Are you tired of losing your favorite Instagram live videos forever? Are you always afraid to miss out on something you want to watch later on Instagram? Well, fear no more, my friend! Thanks to the new Instagram Live Video Saving feature, you can now easily keep those precious memories forever. Let me show you how in this comprehensive guide.

How to save Instagram Live videos?

Saving Instagram Live videos is not rocket science, but you need to follow a few simple steps. First, start your live video as you normally would, and finish it once you’re done. After that, tap “Save” on the top right corner of the live video screen, and voila! Your video will be saved to your camera roll for you to watch later.

Instagram Live Screenshot

Oh, and did I mention that you can save anyone’s live videos? That’s right; you can now watch your favorite influencers’ content anytime you like without worrying about missing out on a thing. The Instagram Live Video Saving feature is a game-changer; it’s like having a personal DVR for your favorite Instagram Live videos.

Why should you save Instagram videos?

There are plenty of reasons why you should save Instagram videos, and it’s not just about missing out on the latest content. Here are some other benefits of utilizing the Instagram Live Video Saving feature:

  • You can re-watch your own content and analyze your performance to improve your future live videos.
  • You can create an archive of all your live videos for future reference or promotion purposes.
  • You can share your live videos with your friends and family who have missed them, without having to worry about saving them on your phone first.

How to save other people’s Instagram videos?

If you’re interested in saving an Instagram video that you don’t own, don’t worry. Many third-party apps can help you with that, like InstaSave, Video Downloader for Instagram, and more. Simply download the app of your choice, enter the video’s URL, and press download. The video will be saved to your camera roll in no time.

Instagram Video Downloader

The Bottom Line

The new Instagram Live Video Saving feature is a valuable addition to your Instagram toolkit. It allows you to keep your favorite Live videos and re-watch them anytime you like. Don’t miss out on any crucial information, and use this feature to its full potential. As always, happy Instagramming!