How To Get A Best Friend Heart Back On Snapchat

Do you use Snapchat to keep up with your friends and stay connected with them? If so, you may have noticed some interesting things on your profile, such as emojis and symbols that appear next to your friends’ usernames. One of these symbols is the gold heart. But what does a gold heart mean on Snapchat best friends? In this blog post, we will explore the meaning behind this symbol and help you understand how it relates to your friendships on Snapchat.

Understanding Snapchat Best Friends

Before we delve into the meaning of the gold heart symbol on Snapchat, it’s essential to understand what Snapchat best friends are. Your Snapchat best friends are the people you interact with the most on the app. The more you send snaps to someone, the higher their ranking will become on your best friends list. Similarly, the more snaps someone sends to you, the higher you’ll rank on their best friends list.

The best friends list is always changing as you continue to interact with different people on the app. However, there are a few constants. Your top three best friends are always visible to everyone who views your profile. Additionally, the gold heart symbol will appear next to the username of the person you interact with the most. But why is this significant?

The Gold Heart Symbol: A Friendship Achievement

If you see a gold heart symbol next to someone’s username, it means they are your number one best friend on Snapchat. This symbol is a sign of your strong connection with that person and symbolises the importance of your friendship. It is a testament to the amount of time and effort you have invested in maintaining a bond with that person through the app.

The gold heart is more than just a symbol, though. It is also an achievement. It’s not easy to become someone’s number one best friend. To do so, you need to interact with that person frequently and consistently over a long period. This takes dedication, effort, and a genuine interest in maintaining a relationship with that person.

If you have a gold heart next to your username, it’s a sign that someone values your friendship and considers you their number one best friend on Snapchat. It’s a badge of honour that you can wear with pride, knowing that your connection with that person is significant.

The Importance of Maintaining Snapchat Best Friends

As we’ve already established, maintaining a high ranking on someone’s Snapchat best friends list is no easy feat. It requires consistent effort and dedication over a long period. But why is it so important to maintain these relationships on the app?

For starters, Snapchat is a social media platform that is all about connections and relationships. By having a high ranking on someone’s best friends list, you’re demonstrating that you value that person and that you’re committed to maintaining a healthy and meaningful friendship with them.

Furthermore, your best friends list can be a great way to stay connected with the people who matter most to you. By being someone’s number one best friend on Snapchat, you’re likely to receive more snaps and have more frequent interactions with that person. This can help you stay in touch and keep your friendship strong, even if you live far apart or have busy schedules that prevent you from meeting up in person.

In Conclusion

The gold heart symbol on Snapchat is more than just a simple emoji. It’s a sign of a strong and meaningful connection between two friends on the app. By becoming someone’s number one best friend, you’re demonstrating that you value that person and that you’re committed to maintaining a close friendship with them.

So, if you have a gold heart next to your username, wear it with pride and continue to invest time and effort in maintaining your meaningful friendships on Snapchat. And if you’re still working towards that golden achievement, keep snapping and interacting with your friends. You never know when you might become someone’s number one best friend on the app.


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