How To Factory Reset New Macbook Pro

Have you ever felt like your MacBook Pro is just not working as well as it used to? Maybe it’s time to give it a fresh start with a factory reset!

The Power of a Factory Reset

A factory reset is a powerful tool that wipes away all the data and settings on your MacBook Pro, returning it to its original factory state. This means that any lingering issues or bugs will be eliminated, giving your MacBook Pro a new lease on life.

But before you dive in and start the process, there are a few things you should consider. First, a factory reset will erase all the data on your MacBook Pro, so it’s important to back up any important files before you begin. Second, a factory reset will also erase any third-party apps you’ve installed, so make a list of the ones you want to reinstall after the reset. Finally, you should make sure your MacBook Pro is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi, as the reset process can take some time.

How to Factory Reset Your MacBook Pro

Now that you’re ready to proceed, here are the steps to follow to factory reset your MacBook Pro:

  1. Shut down your MacBook Pro
  2. Hold down the Command and R keys while pressing the power button to turn on your MacBook Pro
  3. Release the keys when the Apple logo appears
  4. Select “Disk Utility” and click “Continue”
  5. Choose the startup disk and click “Erase”
  6. Enter a name for the disk and select either Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or APFS as the format type
  7. Click “Erase” to erase the disk
  8. Once the disk is erased, select “Disk Utility” from the menu bar and choose “Quit Disk Utility”
  9. Select “Reinstall macOS” and click “Continue”
  10. Follow the prompts to reinstall macOS

What to Do After the Factory Reset

After the reset is complete, you’ll need to set up your MacBook Pro as if it were new. This means going through the macOS setup process, creating a new user account, and installing any third-party apps you need.

But don’t worry, the factory reset process is simple and straightforward, and your MacBook Pro will feel like new again. Happy computing!

Mackeeper Factory Reset

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable doing a factory reset on your own, you can use software like Mackeeper to guide you through the process.

Mackeeper is a third-party app that provides a variety of system optimization tools for macOS. One of those tools is a factory reset feature that will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Simply download and install Mackeeper, and then follow the prompts to initiate the factory reset. Mackeeper will guide you through backing up your data, erasing your hard drive, and reinstalling macOS.


A factory reset is a powerful tool that can breathe new life into your MacBook Pro. Whether you choose to do it manually or with software like Mackeeper, it’s important to take the time to back up your data and make a list of the apps you need to reinstall. Once the reset is complete, you’ll have a fresh start that will feel like a brand new computer. Happy resetting!

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