How To Evolve Eevee With Mossy Lure

If you’re a fan of the popular mobile game, Pokemon GO, then you’re probably already familiar with Eevee and all of its many evolutions. Eevee is one of the most unique and versatile Pokemon in the game, as it has the ability to evolve into eight different forms depending on various factors.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on two of Eevee’s evolutions – Leafeon and Glaceon. We’ll be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to evolve Eevee into these two forms, as well as some information on what makes these Pokemon so special.

Evolution into Leafeon


Evolving Eevee into Leafeon is a relatively straightforward process. All you need is a Mossy Lure and Eevee as your buddy. Once you have the Mossy Lure, simply activate it at a Pokestop and then evolve Eevee while it’s still your buddy.

What makes Leafeon so special is that it’s one of only two Grass-type Eevee evolutions (the other being Sylveon, which has yet to be released in Pokemon GO). Leafeon has some impressive stats, with a high defense and special defense, making it a great addition to any team. It’s also able to learn a variety of powerful Grass-type moves like Leaf Blade and Energy Ball.

Evolution into Glaceon


Evolving Eevee into Glaceon requires a different type of Lure – the Glacial Lure. Like with Leafeon, you’ll need to make Eevee your buddy and activate the Glacial Lure at a Pokestop. Once the Lure is active, evolve Eevee and you’ll have your very own Glaceon.

Glaceon is a unique addition to any team, being one of two Ice-type Eevee evolutions (the other being the powerful but elusive Umbreon). It has a high special defense and can learn moves like Ice Shard and Blizzard, making it a great option for taking down Dragon and Flying-type Pokemon.


And there you have it – a step-by-step guide on how to evolve Eevee into two of its most unique and powerful evolutions. Leafeon and Glaceon are both great additions to any Pokemon GO team, and they each bring their own set of unique skills and strengths to the table.

So next time you’re out playing Pokemon GO and you come across an Eevee, remember that there are more options for it than just its base form. With a little bit of effort and the right type of Lure, you can have your very own Leafeon or Glaceon in no time!