How Rare Is It To Breed A Shugabush On Plant Island

As a fan of My Singing Monsters, you may have heard of the elusive Shugabush. But just how rare is it to breed this monster? In this article, we’ll dive into the details of breeding a Shugabush and provide you with a comprehensive guide so that you can add this unique monster to your collection.

What is a Shugabush?

The Shugabush is a hybrid monster that can only be obtained on Shugabush Island in My Singing Monsters. It has a distinct appearance, with a tall, bushy body and long, leaf-like arms. Its sound is also unique, with a blend of rock and soul music.

Overall, the Shugabush is a rare monster that is highly sought after by collectors. In order to breed one, you’ll need to follow a few specific steps.

How to Breed a Shugabush

Before we dive into the breeding process, it’s important to note that the Shugabush can only be bred on Shugabush Island. If you haven’t unlocked this island yet, you’ll need to do so by reaching level 20 and completing the required tasks.

Once you have access to Shugabush Island, you’ll need to make sure that you have the necessary monsters to breed a Shugabush. Specifically, you’ll need:

  • A Rare Quibble
  • A Rare Bowgart
  • A Rare Clamble
  • A Rare Spunge

You can obtain these monsters through breeding and purchasing them from the Market.

Once you have all of the necessary monsters, you’ll need to place them in the following order in the breeding structure:

  • Rare Quibble (left)
  • Rare Bowgart (right)

After about 24 hours of breeding time, you’ll have a chance to obtain a Shugabush.

Increasing Your Chances of Breeding a Shugabush

While the breeding process for a Shugabush may seem straightforward, the chances of actually obtaining one are quite rare. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase your odds:

  1. Level up your monsters: The higher the level of your monsters, the better chance you have of breeding a Shugabush.
  2. Use a Breeding Structure with a higher efficiency: The higher the efficiency of your Breeding Structure, the better chance you have of breeding a Shugabush. Consider upgrading your Structure or using the Celestial Island Breeding Structure.
  3. Use Torch Lighting: Torch Lighting increases the chances of breeding rare Monsters. Light as many torches as you can on Shugabush Island to increase your odds.


The Shugabush is a highly sought-after Monster in My Singing Monsters, and for good reason. With its unique appearance and sound, obtaining one can be a challenge. However, by following the breeding process and taking steps to increase your odds, you can add this elusive Monster to your collection.

So head to Shugabush Island, gather your Rare Monsters, and get ready to breed your very own Shugabush. Happy breeding!


Breeding Guide for Shugabush Island

If you’re looking for more specific information on how to breed monsters on Shugabush Island, you’re in luck. Check out this helpful breeding guide from Diane Delsig:

Breeding Guide for Shugabush Island

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to collecting all of the Monsters on Shugabush Island. Best of luck!